Scott Talley, Senior Pastor

Yesterday we looked at Jacob and Esau and the lopsided deal made for Esau’s Birthright. I want today’s devotion to be questions that go deeper as a family and in your quiet time. We are excited to see how today’s questions spark conversations in your week and within your family.

  1. Esau’s mindset was focused on his present needs and desires, leading him to make a short-sighted decision. How can we guard against being driven solely by our immediate wants and instead have a perspective that considers the future and God’s plans for us?
  2. Are there any areas in your life where you have settled for something average or less than God’s best because it was easier or more convenient? What are the potential consequences of making such compromises?
  3. Reflecting on the story of Esau and Jacob, what lessons can we learn about the importance of valuing our faith and walking in obedience to God? How does our faith in Jesus Christ shape our perspective and priorities?