Scott Talley, Senior Pastor

What is the relevance of the call of Abram to the modern world?

Yesterday morning we as a church looked at Genesis 12:1-3 and the call of Abram (Abraham). We saw that God called Abram out of his comfort, land, and home to a place that God would show him later. What a strong faith Abram had that he would leave everything and trust in the Lord to provide and show him where to go with family, possessions, and animals.

I spent much time last week looking at the call Abram and seeking out why Abram could not stay in the land he called home. God calling Abram was a big deal not just at that time but also would be in our day. Ur of the Chaldees was a place that was known for worshipping artifacts and idols. They worshipped the moon god, nanna (also known as nannar), particularly in this Mesopotamia city.

Abram was called out of a place where God was not present, but idol worship was dominant in this part of the world. When I read Joshua 24:2 and study the call of Abram, I cannot help but think about America and the world.

I think about how easy it is for us to go through the motions of life and leave out God. Abram was in a place that was not worshipping the living God but instead a bunch of empty and dead artifacts and idols.
Do we ever get caught up in life that we begin to leave God out or not part of our life, and we begin to replace a living God with something else? This week, I pray that we will draw closer to God and examine our life to ensure that we have not replaced God with something or someone else.
May we never forget what God has done for us individually and as a church.
Our God is faithful! Our God provides! Our God NEVER Fails!