Paul Vahue, Administrative Pastor

1 John 2:7-11

John writes to tell us about a new command, which is really an old one. He wants us to understand that if we are to walk in the light, we have to love our brother.  We can’t just say that we love our Christian brothers and sisters. If we hate, we are NOT walking the light. Let’s be honest it is not always easy to love our church family.

There may be a number of reasons that we may dislike others. Sometimes they talk too much, they’re too critical, they may be a know-it-all, it could be their personality or there may be no reason at all.

John makes the point that our response toward other people is evidence of our Christian character. One evidence for knowing you are a genuine Christian is whether you have love for fellow Christians.

Do you love God’s people?
Do you love them enough to serve them?
Do you love them enough to pray for them?
Do you love them enough to bear their burdens with them?
Do you love them enough to forgive them?