Steve Biles, Worship Pastor


Exodus 2 tells the story of the birth and raising of Moses.  Moses’ mother was Jochabed.  Her name in Hebrew means, “God glorified.”


In the face of being caught, Hebrews 11:23 says that Jochebed and her husband “were not afraid of the king’s edict” or afraid of what others might think.  When she put that basket with her precious baby on the water, she was learning to let go and let God.  That basket could end up anywhere based on the currents, but she trusted the One who commands the wind and waves to carry out His will. Her faith required action even in the presence of her enemies.  It is almost humorous how God can make your worst – your deliverance.


And what a woman of incredible resolve.  All the effort to hide the suffering noise and pain of pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing.  She knew that Moses was to have a special purpose.  Just as we all do.  That godly heritage was passed down, taught, and lived out through her daughter Miriam who followed instructions and acted promptly in the midst of danger.


Even the use of her time in waiting, in preparation, in prayer, in hiding was unbelievable.  Jochebed made very good use of the time she had with Moses before he had to be completely handed over to Pharaoh’s daughter for training in the ways of the Egyptians.

While your name may not mean “God glorified”.  The name “Christian” means to be like Christ.  What will you be known for in the way you glorify Christ and His church?  What should that look like?  How about taking some time today to pray for faith and resolve – then trust God for the results?