Steve Biles, Worship Pastor

Nimrod was the great-grandson of Noah. “Nimrod” has come to mean someone lacking judgment or intelligence; however, Nimrod was a powerful man, an entrepreneur, and a leader of men. While his character and decisions were bad, even catastrophic, the historical Nimrod was a smart, clever guy, not a dummy. Yet, the Hebrew name “Nimrod” meant “rebellious,” which fit his character and actions in the Bible. (see Genesis 10:8–12; Micah 5:6; 1 Chronicles 1:10)

Being solid or self-sufficient, which is so important to us, does not always equate to being in the right with God. It is way too easy to live in apathy and ignorance against God, relying upon our might, reigning over our stuff instead of first and always – trusting and seeking in God!

Our disobedience can often be subtle; not praying, not giving God credit, not appreciating that every good gift comes from Him, rationalizing that missing out on church, not reading the Bible, or sharing your faith is (NBD) no big deal!

Ultimately, Nimrod’s kingdoms fell.
Constantly renew, remember, and live in the truth that our power and worth come from God alone!
Please – Don’t be a nimrod.