Scott Talley, Senior Pastor

What are you longing to see God do through you?
Passage: Romans 1:16-17Paul writes today’s passage with an attitude and heart for the Gospel. Paul begins the passage by claiming he is not ashamed of the Gospel. In verse 16, Paul shares with the Church of Rome that there is power from God through the Gospel. The Gospel is power from God to save everyone who believes.

The most significant part of Christianity and the Christian walk is faith. In the gospel message, we see the righteousness of God. In God, we, as sinners, are made righteous and perfect. This happens through us putting our faith in Christ. Sometimes this aspect of Christianity is played down in our lives. If we were to look at the different walks of our fellow believers, we would see that all of us must live by faith. The one thing that happens in our lives is that when we face opposition or struggles, we tend not to extend our faith and trust or put complete faith in God. I have heard an unyielding statement: “Our belief is like a rubber band. It only serves a purpose if it is stretched.” As believers, we need to try our faith and put our complete trust in Christ.

As believers, we are not to be ashamed of the Gospel and the cost of sharing the Gospel with all people. Today’s passage causes us to think about what is keeping Christians from sharing the Gospel with friends, family members, and strangers. As I write this devotional today, these questions keep coming. What is keeping me from sharing the Gospel with my neighbors? The question for you to ponder today is, are you ashamed of the Gospel? If you are not ashamed of the Gospel, then Share the Gospel with all people. Lastly, have you put your complete faith and trust in God? Take 5 minutes to examine these questions, ponder what is at stake with the Gospel, and realize how important your faith is to your Christian walk.